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We had the privilege to sit down with the 5 vibrant elder crafters from the Din Daeng community. Montha, Prapha, Yupha, Sawan & Siripen, all in their 70s, share with us their journey in working with Singh, Pop & the unique dialysis bag material.



QA: Could you tell me a little bit about yourselves?

Women of Din Daeng: Our names are (in the picture, from left to right): Montha, Prapha, Yupha, Sawan & Siripen. We joined the community more than 40 years ago and have been friends ever since.



QA: What are your roles in crafting the dialysis bags?

Women of Din Daeng: We don’t have specific roles, we all take turns doing each task. When we receive the cleaned dialysis bags from patients, we sort them by design pattern and functionality. Then we cut, laminate and iron the usable sheets according to the design we want.


'We started learning the crafting process and became curious about the material, the design and especially the new experiences it brought into our lives.'


QA: Why did you decide to join the team?

Women of Din Daeng: Initially, when Singh & Pop first approached us, we weren’t interested in working with them. However, as we started learning the crafting process, we became curious about the material, the design, and particularly the new experiences it brought into our lives. 



QA: What is it like to work with dialysis bag material?

Women of Din Daeng: When we first heard about the material, we had no idea what it was. Even today, some of us still don't know (Prapha laughed). But we quickly learned that the work requires a lot of attention and patience, from the lamination to the ironing of the sheets. This work is not for everyone, as it attracts a certain type of personality.



QA: How has your work with Singh & Pop impacted your life?

Women of Din Daeng: We are happy to be part of the project because it allows us to get together with friends and have an activity while making an additional income. The earnings also help us support our families and living expenses. We've known each other for over 40 years, so we always have something to talk about and have fun with.  


QA: How do you feel when people use your crafts?

Women of Din Daeng: We're very happy and proud when people use our crafts, and we hope to see them go abroad. Here are some of the messages from the women of Din Daeng to you:


QA: What are your life philosophies?
Prapha: To not steal, to not standout, and to not brag
Montha: To do well and to think well, and to give
Yupha: To help one another

QA: Do you have any favorite music?

Yupha: สิบหกปีแห่งความหลัง - สุรพล สมบัติเจริญ, to listen, click here.
Prapha: วอนลมฝากรัก - พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์, to listen, click here

QA: Do you have any favorite quote?
Prapha: ปลูกเรือนตามใจผู้อยู่ ผูกอู่ตามใจผู้นอน - “Build a house according to the wishes of the occupants. Tie the cradle according to the person who sleeps in it.” Meaning: When you do something as a giver, you must think of the receiver.